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Vultr is one of the most excellent companies in the cloud business and they are doing exceptionally well. They have started their journey a few years back in 2014 but within this short period, they have made a good name and fame in the market. Its primary focus is to give empowerment to developers and businesses. They do it through advanced cloud platform and simplify the infrastructure deployment for the users.

Vultr has 16 data centers all around the globe Which are strategically located to provide frictionless provision of public storage, cloud and single tenant bare metal. Their priority is to provide high quality, high performance, reliable and standardized cloud compute environment and this is why they have become so successful within this short time.

Vultr has grown so big in this limited time that now it has more than 100k customers and they have deployed more than 18 million instances. They have a great team of more than 50 developers and engineers who are working continuously to give the best support to the clients. Other than these there are some differentiating points of Vultr that has made it stand out. Vultr app is one of them.

With one click you can do your job easily and then they have clouds that are dedicated. Their cloud supports Linux, FreeBSD and windows.
Vultr offers four products to the customers namely Cloud Compute, Block Storage, Dedicated cloud and Bare Metal. Vultr cloud computes which is backed by 100% SSD storage and this service gets deployed in within a minute. They have many plans and pricing for this products. There are packages of different prices which have various features.

The basic package of Vultr cloud compute gives you storage of 20 GB SSD, 512 MB memory and 0.50 TB of bandwidth. The Bare Metal of Vultr has mobilized the power of single-tenant hardware. Now you can deploy dedicated hardware within seconds and the package that they are providing will let you install it in 8 CPUs. They are also going to give 32768 MB memory and 5000 GB Bandwidth. The block storage service that Vultr is providing will let you create expandable storage volumes and you can mount them from your computer instances.

The reliability and performance of this service is undoubted. In this section, there are many packages of many prices, but they are starting from giving 10GB SSD to 10000 GB. The dedicated servers are the one that can make you free from noisy neighbors. In this section, Vultr has arranged four packages based on prices and there are packages which have SSD storage starting from 120 GB to 480 GB. The best thing about Vultr is that it has a robust infrastructure and this has helped them a lot to give superior service to the clients.

Vultr has a unique feature regarding pricing that is they have pricing for hours along with months. The packages of Vultr cloud compute starts from $2.50/ month to $320/ month and in terms of hours, there are $0.004 to 0.476/ hour. The rate of Bare Metal package is $120/ month and $0.179 for an hour. The packages of block storage start from $1 to $1000 per month and the prices of the packages of dedicated instances are $60, $120, $180 and $2240/ month.

The pricing system of Vultr is unique and at the same time, the prices are affordable enough. This company has got many points of differentiation and this is why they are this much successful and favorite to the developer and business personnel.

Vultr Promo Codes

Vultr offers up to $100 credit to their new customer accounts. They also offer exclusive discounts occasionally which can be found here.