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TripAdvisor is the world?s largest travel & restaurant website which is an American site. It helps you to unleash the full potential of any trip by comparing hotels and restaurants, show their reviews, booking?availability and all types of travel-related content. The website has got another unique feature which is an interactive travel related forum.

This world?s largest travel website was founded by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, Nick Shanny, and Thomas Palka in the year 2000. They started their journey with a small office which was on the upper floor of a pizza shop in Needham, Massachusetts. Within 18 years they have grown so big that now it has around 456 million unique visitors per month.

TripAdvisor was the first travel-related company which adopted user-generated content. Their website is free to access and users provide most of their contents.

Affiliation and advertising are their main business model. TripAdvisor has got more than 315 million reviewers who are working for them and with their help, the website has got more than 661 million reviews. These reviews cover the opinions and the real condition of their partner restaurants, hotels and other travel businesses. Moreover, according to Wikipedia?25 travel brands are operated by TripAdvisor Media Group.

TripAdvisor has many things to offer you. Basically, they work as a tour planner for you. They provide the travellers with all kind of information starting from where to stay, how to fly, what to do to where to eat. With the help of this website, you can compare prices from more than 200 hotel booking sites and choose the one which fits you most and the one you can afford.

You can also know about the exciting and attractive places to visit through this website. In short, TripAdvisor acts like your tour guide and planner.

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